At an extended family gathering this year, I was slightly hurt when my dad couldn't explain to my uncle what exactly I was doing in my (professional) life. 
Three months later and I'm sitting here trying to articulate the exact same thing and struggling. Big time. 
On one hand, I've branded upmarket boutiques, tutored typography at UTS and worked as a full time motion graphics designer for one of the national broadcasters. On the other hand, I've animated a sausage with a mohawk, dressed up as a carrot for a channel rebrand and flown a $3000 drone into a hedge for the sake of a short film.
I guess the one thing that ties all of these these aforementioned examples together is that they have been ideas based. As a graduate of AWARD School and the prestigious UTS Visual Communication (Hons) degree, I have learnt not only how to ideate but also how to bring to life the best of these ideas from a practical, tools-based perspective. 
Nothing excites me more than seeing a project come to fruition and I'd love to know what we could come up with together.
Feel free to get in touch.